Every parent who has a son is bound to say the following words- “Boy clothes are so boring while girls have so many options”. Some parents even go as far as dressing up their baby boy in girl clothing just to satisfy their desire. And these photos are sure to be an embarrassment for the boy in the future and a precious treasure for the parent. Parents are not wrong in feeling that their son does not have too many choices when it comes to clothing. Isn’t it unfair that girls have so many options and boys don’t? Well, here are some things you can do to amp up your beloved son’s wardrobe.

  1. Mix it up: Instead of going for bright colours all the time, mix up some dark colours shirts with bright coloured pants and vice versa. This will provide a stark contrast that will make your baby boys’ clothes stand out.


  1. Try new stuff: If you are tired of shirts and trousers, try to dress your son up in funky clothes such as dungarees, overalls and jumpsuits.


  1. Doodle: Instead of sticking to the basic stripes, checks and plain shirts, you can adopt some cool designs, doodles and cartoons on your kids’ dresses. Apart from being cute, they also excite your child about shopping.


  1. Accessorise: Yes! Bous can accessorise too. Be it colourful socks, stylish shoes or trendy caps, boys can enhance their overall look with some cool accessories.


  1. Dress to the occasion: Ever seen a girl wear a pair of tops and jeans for a wedding? Never. Same rule applies to boys as well. Dress according to the occasion. Do not be afraid to try kurta pyjamas or sherwanis if the occasion calls for it.


So, here are some points to remember while dressing up your son. With so many attractive baby boy clothes available online, you should have no trouble making your little munchkin look dapper and handsome. Buy baby boy clothing online at www.youngbirds.in and never feel bad for not having a daughter.